Welcome to Foxglove Studio

Well done is better than well said, we believe in it and we work every time for the good, better and best.

Wedding shoots

Faith makes everything possible and love makes everything easy, we capture those memorable moments of your life which you cherish forever.

Celebrity Awards shows

It doesn’t matter how many times you win an award; it also holds a special place in your heart. Worthy of being recognized is a privilege. 

Corporate Film

Delivering a unique and creative content stands in people mind and steals their attention. Corporate film is a key marketing tool to promote one’s brands and company.

Fashion Photography

Fashion serves as armor to survive every day of life. We steal your souls through our fashion statements in some or other way.

Product Photography

We capture the beauty of life in each and every products in a visually pleasing manner with a creative concepts

Profile shoot

 Well-executed corporate portraits grab attention and drive professional communication, engagement, and interest

Who We Are?

A Few Words About Us

We stepped into this field with highly qualified and professional members as a team. Foxglove created an unbreakable trust among the clients with our unshakable excellence in photography and videography. Our team is specialized in profile shoot, candid photography, cinematography, and corporate film presentation based on the client’s requirement. We were proving our excellence in business through 20+ branding and promotion, 50+ profile shoot and 180+ wedding shoot within one and half years, still our best is yet to come. Our vision is to provide you a cherished memories which last for a lifetime and to provide more employments with few more branches in certain districts. We design photography and video company profiles with utmost uniqueness and we set a standard in International Arena in Malaysia with the expertise of global presentation.

Wedding Films

We love moving pictures as much as we love stills. With the cuts and callouts, every wedding film we make is a collage of all those memorable moments that you didn’t want to miss. More importantly, we take pleasure in giving you a wedding film that is a perfect accompaniment to our style of photography

Our Gallery

We are Inspired by Your Happiness

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What Our Clients Say About Us

The greatest award for us is your satisfaction and happiness towards our service. Love which our clients showers pushes us to do the best each and every time. Have a look at our rewards

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Diane & Foster
Diane & Foster

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Sarah & Rinaldo
Sarah & Rinaldo

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Dorothy & John
Dorothy & John
Where We Are?


NO:1512 S3 2nd Floor,
Aarna Appts Kuberan Nagar,